Druskininkai local action group (LAG) is asociation established in 2008.  The members of the Druskininkai local action group are ten communities, Druskininkai municipality, business partners.

The territory of Druskininkai LAG includes Druskininkai municipality, lying in the southern part of Lithuania, except the town of Druskininkai (lag includes the wards of Vieciunai and Leipalingis)  and it covers an area of 446.73 km2 with 7997  inhabitants living in this rural area ).

 Druskininkai LAG is just 125 km from capital of Lithuania – Vilnius and 400 km from Baltic sea. http://www.travel.lt/index.php?lang=2

There are 10 rural communities in the LAG area.  Main activities of communities are:  promoting of local culture and community cohesion, implementation of community business initiatives, rural renewal and development, diversification of rural economics of preconditions for employment. 


In the most general sense the purpose of the Druskininkai LAG is to deal with the problems of the rural area of Druskininkai municipality.


Druskininkai LAG has identified the following key objectives of its operation:

1. to encourage local initiatives and partnerships, to improve the quality of life in the represented area;

2. to assist rural communities in implementing their initiatives.

3. to prepare and submit proposals to institutions concerned with rural development, as well as working with a wide range of Lithuanian and foreign organizations


There are two directions (priorities) of public support in the Druskininkai Rural Local Development Strategy 2010-2015:

1. the first direction focuses on development of human resources with priority “Development of an active and enterprising community, capable of fostering its cultural heritage”; 

2. the second priority is directed towards public infrastructure and local economic diversification with priority “Improving the quality of life and aligning the development of rural areas with the development of Druskininkai resort”


Presentation of Druskininkai LAG, international project ideas, Druskininkai resort town.

Short information about Druskininkai LAG  

Summary of Druskininkai Rural Local Development Strategy 2010-2015

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